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Morton Water Softener Review – Not Worth Your Money?

Water softeners can be an important and even necessary part of homeownership and water usage, and it is just as imperative to find the right one to suit your needs.

There are so many things to consider, such as the price of the unit, how big your house is, how many people are living in the house, what type of water you have, how handy you are and how much you would like to spend.

So, if you’re looking for a Morton water softener review, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down the details on the popular water softener, Morton.

But first…

Get to Know Morton Water Softeners

Morton is a brand that’s well-known for their water softening salt, and now, they have a line of single-tank, salt-based water softeners. 

They offer a few different systems to accommodate households that range in size, from one person to five or six. They have some good technology, such as “Look Ahead” regeneration, as well as an on-demand option.

Another plus is that Morton softener machines are easy to install and maintain, and they have a good flow rate. As they are in the smaller size, they are best for small to mid-sized homes. Also, they can treat both municipal and well water.


  • Compact
  • Good for hard water that’s both municipal and well water.
  • Look Ahead technology prevents lags in soft water.
  • Some models have on-demand regeneration.
  • Lower price.


  • The smaller size means more frequent salt refills.
  • The fairly new company, with no data on longevity.
  • Not good for larger families or those with higher water use.
  • The high amount of Morton Water Softener complaints.

Morton categorizes their softeners by grain capacity and adds water usage features to their system as grain capacity goes up. It would be nice if all of the features were available as options on all the models, as having a smaller household does not preclude your wanting on-demand regeneration, or a light to tell you when you’re low on salt.

One of the main selling points of all of the Morton water softener models is their Look Ahead Technology, which allows regeneration to happen when soft water is in least demand. Regeneration is the point in the water softening cycle when brine water floods the resin.

Resin is negatively charged beads that cause positively charged ions of calcium, magnesium and sodium to be exchanged. These beads need to be cleaned of scale in order for the system to continue providing soft water. This part of the process is referred to as “downtime,” as the softener is unable to provide soft water while it is regenerating.

Morton aims to make this necessary hard water process as convenient as possible by making their water softener system programmable. It’s easy to do; you just key in the time and date and water hardness level, and the Look Ahead Technology takes care of the rest.

Whether it’s when all the members of the household are asleep or out, the Morton softener regeneration cycle takes place so that you are least likely to end up with untreated water.

Morton Water Softeners Reviews

Morton 27000 Grain Water Softener (M27)

Morton 27000 Grain Water Softener

  • Compact – 19 x 22 x 44 inches
  • 79 pounds
  • 27000 grain capacity
  • Look Ahead Technology
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fiberglass does not corrode
  • Lasts up to 15 years
  • Low grain capacity; good for 1 to 3 people
  • Iron filtration up to 7 PPM
  • Flow rate is 6.5 GPM
  • 1-year warranty on the control panel
  • 10-year warranty on the Morton system tank

Morton’s Look Ahead Technology keeps track of when your household’s water is used and regenerates during the times of least water use, such as at night or when everyone is out of the house. That way, instead of running out of soft water during regeneration time, you will always have soft water available.

Softeners can’t supply soft water while they are undergoing a regeneration cycle, so if you were to use your water during this time you would eventually run out, and hard water that’s untreated would be coming out of your tap. Additionally, some water softeners will regenerate on a predetermined schedule, such as in the middle of the night, which means you could run out of soft water before that time.

The Look Ahead Technology prevents the above by running the regeneration cycle before you run out of soft water, at times when water usage is generally low or none.

Morton is also known for being easy to install, program, and maintain. To program the system, you need to enter the time of day as well as your water’s hardness level. Hardness level can be adjusted at any time if you feel that your water has become too soft.

Maintenance simply consists of checking your salt levels every two to three weeks and topping up the salt levels if necessary. Two to three weeks is quite often, but that’s because the size of the reservoir is so small.

Morton System Saver 30000 Grain Softener (M30)

Morton System Saver 30000 Grain Softener

  • Compact – 20x 23 x 45 inches
  • 4 pounds
  • 30000 grain capacity
  • Look Ahead Technology
  • Two regeneration options, on demand or on its own
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fiberglass does not corrode
  • Lasts up to 15 years
  • Good for medium-sized households and small businesses
  • Iron filtration up to 7 PPM
  • Flow rate is 7 GPM
  • 1-year limited warranty on the control panel
  • 10-year warranty on the tank

The Morton M30 is said to have a 10 to 15-year life span, but as they are a newer company in the home water softener industry, they do not have as much data to back up that claim as other companies may have.

Like the M27, the M30 is very easy to install, operate and maintain. It comes with its own installation kit and easy-to-follow instructions, so if you are fairly handy around the house, you won’t need to contact a plumber to install it for you.

This water softener system model has the same water softening features as the smaller model, with Look Ahead Technology that ensures your household or business will not run out of soft water. It does this by regenerating only when there is time to do so, when there is low water usage, such as at night or when everyone is absent from the house or the business.

Many water softeners will regenerate when soft water has run out, and soft water will be unavailable at that time. There is also an option to regenerate on-demand and off-cycle, for instance, when you know guests are coming, or when more water than usual will be used.

Programming the control panel for the Morton system is also quite easy: set the time and date and the water hardness level. In addition to this, there is also an 8-hour power interruption protection feature.

Morton 34000 Grain Softener (M34)

Morton 34000 Grain Softener

  • Compact – 21x 23 x 45 inches
  • 84 pounds
  • 34000 grain capacity
  • “Low salt” light
  • Look Ahead Technology
  • Two regeneration options, on demand or on its own
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fiberglass does not corrode
  • Lasts up to 15 years
  • Good for a household of 5 or 6 people
  • Iron filtration up to 9 PPM
  • Flow rate is 11 GPM
  • 1-year limited warranty on the control panel
  • 10-year warranty on the Morton system tank

As the name suggests, this Morton water softener is one step up in size from the M30 and two from the M27. In addition to the features included with the other two models, namely, Look Ahead Technology and on-demand regeneration, this model comes with a “low salt” light, so you don’t need to lift the lid to check on the salt levels.

Look Ahead Technology means you can trust that you won’t run out of soft water, as the system is programmed to only regenerate when your household is not using water, such as at night or when there’s no one in the house.

It does this instead of waiting until soft water is depleted in order to regenerate, which would leave the water in your home untreated for the duration of the regeneration time.

Additionally, you can regenerate on-demand with this water softener system model, as you may want more than usual soft water available when you know you’ll need it.

Another convenient feature is the “low salt” light, which means you don’t have to check on salt levels; the control panel will tell you when you are low.

Just like the other two models, this Morton water softener is simple to install, program, and maintain. To program the control panel, enter the date and time and your water’s hardness level.

If you’re unsure of the water hardness level, you can always re-program after the initial setting. This is a relatively low-maintenance series of water softeners, and they’re pretty much “set and forget,” except for the salt top-ups.

Who is Morton?

Morton is a well-known name in the water softener salt pellet industry, but they only recently began producing whole-home water softeners, in the early 2000s. Although, as stated above, there isn’t a lot of data on the longevity of their whole-home systems, since they are such a young brand, Morton has been producing smaller water softeners and filters since the 1950s.

So, What Do People Think Of Morton?

After scrolling through thousands of Morton water softener reviews, we’ve included some of the most useful ones here, just to make a prospective consumer aware of what to expect with Morton.

As with all customer reviews, it’s recommended to take these with a grain of salt (pun intended), as we can’t know what circumstances surround these reviews, and generally, only the most passionately dissatisfied or satisfied customers will write a review.

Of note, however, is that on, only 21% of customers gave Morton a five-star review while 54% gave them a one-star review. Morton Water Softener complaints seem to be more prevalent than positive reviews, so perhaps this will act as a preventative to buying a Morton Water Softener.

The lower price and smaller size, as well as relative ease of installation and operation, may be attractive to some, but based on these ratings, there still seem to be issues with these softeners that Morton may need to smooth out.

Positive Morton Water Softener Reviews

  • One customer gave his Morton water softener a five-star review because of the ease of setup and the very small footprint. He found he was able to install it in a closet beside his on-demand water heater.
  • Another customer replaced the previous homeowner’s rented Culligan with a Morton softener and found that it works just as well for a fraction of the price, and as well, it uses less salt.

Negative Morton Water Softener Reviews

  • One customer bought a Morton whole-home system in the USA and transported it overseas. There, it worked wonderfully for a month and then malfunctioned, spraying water everywhere and ruining the electronics. The unit was not under warranty as it was no longer in the USA and replacement parts where this customer lived were extremely highly priced.
  • Another customer experienced an electrical blowout of his Morton system after only two years of use, and this caused his plumbing to be filled with resin, which resulted in huge expenses.


Due to the lower price, smaller footprint and Look Ahead Regeneration Technology, Morton water softener may be a great choice for a homeowner. However, because of the mixed reviews and the need to fill up with salt every two to three weeks, certain homeowners may want to invest in a more trusted brand that has been manufacturing whole-home water softeners for a longer time.

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