cloudy water

Why is My Filtered Water Cloudy?

A glass of cold water is the best refresher on hot summer days. The worst thing at that moment is pouring a glass of whitish, cloudy water. Although it might appear to be chemicals like lime in the water, it should not concern you. If you leave the glass on the counter, you will notice it clearing from the bottom. So, where did the lime go?

Is it safe to drink water with a cloudy appearance?

Instead of a chemical, masses of tiny air bubbles cause the milky appearance of the water. Bubbles filled with air are light and rise to the water’s surface. They dissipate into the air as they reach the water’s surface, leaving you with a clear glass of refreshing water. Those bubbles are the same as the air we breathe.

Where do the bubbles come from?

Bubbles can be trapped in the plumbing of your house to cause your tap water to appear cloudy. Likewise, whenever you change the filter cartridge in your water filter system or have a reverse osmosis system installed, you will have milky water for a short while — depending on how often you use the system.

Any filter has tiny pores through which the water flows; the smaller those pores, the purer the filtered water will be. Imagine the thickness of a single human hair. Now, imagine one-fifth of the hair’s diameter. That is how small the openings in the filter are.

Why are the filters full of air?

During the manufacturing process of the water filter, long before it comes into contact with water, every tiny gap in the filter fills with air. Once installed in your filter system and water starts flowing through it, it pushes the air out, causing tiny bubbles in your glass of water. It might take a while before the water has saturated the entire filter cartridge, which is why you will get cloudy water for a while. Note that this will happen whenever you fit a new filter cartridge.

Amanda Perkins

Amanda began her career as a technical writer for a healthcare group in 2008. Years after getting married and starting a family, she joined her husband Joshua on the Water Filter Authority journey to educate other families and households about safe, affordable, and effective water filtration systems.